Explore Prague in your running shoes !

Welcome to Czech and Prague Running Tours

Prague is a wonderful city, full of magical places and breathtaking views. Its historical center can be discovered in one day by walking. But If your time is limited It is possible to arrange a guided tour on the run and see the city in 2 hours. Why not kill two birds with one stone and combine sightseeing with a sport activity? 


Fun, Healthy, Ecological and In !

Czech and Prague Running Tours would like to provide sightseeing with jogging, running, hiking or walking for all fitness levels. Our tours are not demanding!

They are guided by professional tour guides who are recreational runners. We make many stops to explain the history of each landmark and to enjoy beautiful views of the city. If you are a demanding runner we can also offer you a morning run through Prague with a professional trainer who can meet you at the hotel lobby!

And for the lazy runners we have a running beer tour...

More Fun Then Run !

To get more information about Prague visit our visual interactive and video guide www.pragueliveguide.com 


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